Jeremy Goldstein in professional pursuits and philanthropy

The tradition of hosting dinners in aid of good causes has been therefore many years. In a recent event, Jeremy Goldstein together with his friends Omar Khan and Jim Finkel hosted a lavish dinner in support of Fountain House, an organization that supports people with mental illnesses in New York. Guests in this dinner were treated to some fine wine and incredibly delicious food. The ticket for the dinner was going for $3,700, money which went 100 percent to the Fountain House.




The Fountain House




Fountain House is an organization that is doing a noble task of leading the way for other people to follow. It is showing that mentally ill people need to be supported since their condition keeps them away from income-generating tasks. Fountain House has been around for over 70 years, offering support to these people.




The mission of the Fountain House




Fountain House helps the mentally ill people to live a better life where they can even work and contribute positively to the development of the society. With leaders like Jeremy Goldstein who is a director for this organization, Fountain House is bound to excel. They are engaged in missions such as mental medical programs in NY, advocating for people to accept and live with mentally ill people and collaborating with other organizations to spread the Fountain House model to other places around the world.




About Jeremy Goldstein




Jeremy Goldstein is one of the accomplished directors of the Fountain House. He has taken it as a personal initiative to see the organization meet its goals. It is such a passion that has made him invest heavily in this organization. The dinner he hosted raised a significant amount of money to support the operations of the organization.




Career life of Jeremy Goldstein




Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He specializes in executive compensations, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance. He runs his operations through his law firm known as Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates.




Jeremy started his law firm after seeing how compensation consultancy companies were breaking away from main business organizations to run as independent entities. He saw a good opportunity for him t9 create a law firm to provide executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance assistance to businesses. Goldstein works closely with corporate executives and CEOs to create the best compensation plans for employees.




Work Experience




Jeremy Goldstein has worked with various top businesses in the United States such as Truven Health Analytics acquisition by IBM, J.P Morgan Chase Bank Acquisition of Bank One Corporation among many others.


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