Everyone likes to feel good about their choices when it comes to things like what we choose to drink. Sometimes it can be hard to find a good drink at the store that is easy to grab and drink on the go. Often times we go to the store and get a soda or a… Read Article →

Under the expert guidance and leadership of Paul Saunders, the acclaimed investment company James River Capital has received numerous awards thanks to their stand-out success as an investment firm. The business philosophy that has guided them in all that they have accomplished is unlike most investment firms. James River Capital’s mission includes the belief that… Read Article →

There probably isn’t anyone, anywhere who doesn’t wish that they could give more to charity than they could possibly afford.  Let’s face it.  There probably isn’t anybody who hasn’t given it at least a passing thought.  The good news in this is that with an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, it’s possible.  And not only… Read Article →

Are you looking for funds for your next business venture? James River Capital is the investment firm for you. Below is more information about James River Capital and Paul Saunders, its founder Paul Saunders Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital, an excellent investment firm. Below are several suggestions he has about how… Read Article →

As any dedicated businessperson knows, there’s more to running a successful company than offering the public great services or products. Customer satisfaction and loyalty building is a huge part of the equation as well, especially when it comes to the company’s reputation. Gulf Coast Western is a Dallas-based oil company that’s mastered the art of… Read Article →

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