Leaders like Oren Frank are able to come up with creative solutions to pressing problems because they are thinking about them and they are making certain to address them. Oren Frank and people in his team will have the mindset, the skills, and the right solutions to help people grow and become better. Oren Frank… Read Article →

Stratford Shields has been the head of municipal finance industry for over 20 years. On the Municipal finance industry association, Stratford Shields worked as vice chairman, treasurer, and chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association Municipal Division. Stratford was the Lead banker in the privatization and municipal categories. These categories included transactions of landmarks… Read Article →

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has been serving patients in the greater Dallas area since 2009 as a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Originally hailing from Minnesota, Dr. Jejurikar completed both his undergraduate studies and medical training at the University of Michigan before relocating to Texas. In addition to his plastic surgery training, he… Read Article →

Cryptocurrency, although not new, is in 2019 becoming a topic the public at large is only now becoming truly aware of. The technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum was developed and patented by Serge Belamant, an entrepreneur and French computer scientist. Blockchain technology was developed to create a more secure financial transaction environment as well as… Read Article →

The latest removal of the company belonging to the Isabel dos Santos from the state project, Marginal da Corimba marks the development of another conflict between the Angolan President, Joao Lourenco and Santo’s clan. Isabel’s company whose contract has been annulled operates under the name Urbinvest and Landscape. Although this recent occurrence is a setback… Read Article →

Toyo Setal is a highly successful and intuitive company which specializes in innovations in the construction business including the engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning industry. Their skills have only sharpened over the years as they continue to set the standard for the field with the implementation of new technology to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction…. Read Article →

Fresh social and digital concepts are overhauling how human beings spread the word about available offerings in this day and age. These concepts are advantageous for an abundance of reasons. Despite that, they can sometimes be problematic. People who fail to utilize them in the appropriate manners can often come across major dilemmas. Steve Lesnard… Read Article →

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