Steam Energy Company and Steam Care Foundation

Among many energy providing companies, Stream Energy company has been trusted to provide clean energy that can be used at homes. This is because this energy is safe and well protected therefore cannot endanger lives. Stream Energy is located in seven states in the United States of America. These states are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, and Washington DC. The company is based on a Multi-level mode of marketing where it sells its products to customers. Its products include natural gas which it supplies to all states and ensures it meets the customers’ needs.

The consumer’s location and the amount of energy they consume per day is important I determining rates to be charged. They have provided the solution to environmental pollution by providing clean energy which does not pollute the environment and very safe for people to be using at home. Many people have been left homeless by hurricane Harvey. This is because a lot of people have lost their loved ones in the hurricane and the lucky victims have sustained major injuries that have left a mark in their lives. Also, hurricane Harvey has led to the destruction of property which has led many people to even fall to depression.

The hurricane is a common occurrence especially in America where victims are left hopeless once it sticks. This Company has always provided a helping hand to victims of the hurricane. Because of this, the stream energy company formed a charity foundation called steam cares. The funds are raised by the stream energy company and also they depend on royalties. The victims do not have to pay anything when receiving services from stream care charity foundation. It has supported and cared for the victims. Funds raised are used for buying materials required in assisting these victims.

The stream energy company has been praised a lot in different reports which indicate that the company has been of great assistance to the community. The funds have also aided the completion of steam care which has helped Dalla people through the provision of mobile phone plans and virtual doctors. Texas tornado which occurred in 2016 has been also a huge project that the company has been involved in. The spirit of philanthropy has been spread throughout the company to employees who are always more than willing to help victims and save lives. They are very enthusiastic about giving back to society.