Matt Fleeger is a man who has the determination to lay out the best plans for oil and gas companies. H earned a degree in Busines Administration and went to work right away. He has become one of the finest executives when it comes to the oil and gas industries. Matt Fleeger is a man… Read Article →

Ted Bauman is a man of many titles. He is an author, investor, researcher, economist, and financial analyst. Bauman has decades of experience in the financial industry and uses his vast knowledge and expertise to write investment newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman, for the many years he has been in the financial writing… Read Article →

If someone gets behind the wheel and they are drunk, they will regret it. With the Fourth of July approaching in no time, the cops are all over the streets looking for drunk drivers. They are doing it because they know that so many people out there are driving while drunk. According to a study… Read Article →

Jump Design Group CEO Glenn Schlossberg has an interesting side-hobby. The innovative mind behind the women’s fashion conglomerate is apparently a businessman by day and racer also by day. In fact, his success as a motorhead is almost as great as his successes in business. In a recent interview Schlossberg delved into the details of… Read Article →

Many times we hear names of people and names of technology with no attention to the why, where, when about those names. Carsten Thiel is such an example. The man struggled to become a doctor because he was passionate about helping people. He managed to finish graduate school and continued on that path until today…. Read Article →

A leading financial management company by the name of HCR Wealth Advisors emphasizes the importance of estate planning. The company actually noted that many people steer clear from estate planning because many people believe it is akin to planning for your death. It is seen as a topic to shy away from because no one… Read Article →

Omaha serial entrepreneur, Vinod Gupta talks about how he learned to evolve and flourish, despite obstacles and setbacks. Entrepreneurs often speak of excitement when opening one’s own business. But for Vinod Gupta his first business idea came while working for someone else As a youth in India, Gupta didn’t have much, not in the way… Read Article →

The topic of mental health predominates in our world. Modern-day pressures and demands often are not reflective of those of bygone days; old methods of accessing services that support good mental health can be updated to suit people with modern-day lifestyles, issues, and schedules. Ring in Oren Frank, the co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, an… Read Article →

The law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick was recently awarded a Webby for its company’s website design. Out of 13,000 entries, the firm’s website was acknowledged for innovation and creativity. The award is given to less than 20% of the entrants. The New York Times credits the Webbys as the “Internet’s Highest Honor.” According to… Read Article →

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