OSI Group deal with Impossible Foods

Important Foods, a bugger maker company, has struck a partnership deal with OSI Group industries.The OSI Group specializes in supplying meat products. The deal will be accelerated by the Impossible Food urge to introduce the Impossible Burger in the market.

What were the objectives of the partnership?

The primary objective of the deal is to increase the Impossible Burger manufacturing capacity. The increased production will help reduce the strong meatless craze demand among the consumers. Also, the partnership will help the cooperation to improve the nutrition of their products for practical benefits to the users. The partnership agreement will increase Burger manufacturing capacity between the two firms.

The decision was reached upon conduction of exhaustive and detailed research on the long term and short term impacts of the partnership in scaling the manufacturing. OSI Group industry diligence, responsiveness, and quality commitment impacted significantly on the success of the organization. Before even the signing of the agreement, OSI industries have already installed the equipment and technology needed to manufacture the impossible Burger. More information about OSI Group at gazetteday.com

Through the partnership, the impossible Foods will be able to triple it’s Burger weekly overall productions. The production and protein products value addition have improved in over 60 plants owned by Impossible Foods.The OSI industry expertise will bring Lot’s of ambitious growth in the Impossible Foods start-ups and the general food industry

According to the executive OSI Group vice president Kevin Scott, the Impossible Foods deal will help the company to fulfill sustainable and quality food production commitment. The agreement will also be beneficial in designing and makings operational decisions during the productions.

The market research that was conducted by Impossible Foods will help in integrating the best business partners. Through a combination of the expertise and skills of the partners, the firm will be able to produce delicious burgers that meet customers satisfaction.


One of the significant solutions this partnership will bring in the food industry is that it will help meet plant-based meet demand by the consumers. For instance, the Impossible Foods supply its product to over 400 distributors who then sell them to other sellers and buyers. With the partnership, the company can be able to meet the demand with ease.

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