Jeremy Goldstein; Guiding CEOs and Future Plans

Jeremy Goldstein is a founding partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC and is known for guiding some of the major acquisitions such as Sears, South African Breweries, and Alltel. He is a specialist in the field of acquisitions and mergers with a vast experience in managerial governance, corporate finance, and commercial banking.


Jeremy Goldstein also focuses on CEO guidance, where he steers them through trying times in the corporate structure. He was drawn to this field after seeing that a good number of CEOs were struggling to make decisions when their firms are going through challenges or changes. Goldstein’s work through any major changes in companies is to be by the CEOs’ side to make sure that that they opt for the right legal approach.


Goldstein’s close relationship with his clients leads him to other roles that need setting up the right managerial governance structures for effective delegation. Having proper governance structures in place will help protect a firm from potential lawsuits that could be termed by the courts as failure to do due diligence or managerial negligence. By working with Goldstein, companies are able to avoid lawsuits that they may have incurred otherwise.


According to Goldstein, most lawyers take a very formal approach when working with their clients. However, he thinks that client relationships should be informal to create effective working relationships. Goldstein meets most of his clients at social events. When he meets a client through formal channels, he strives to create a strong informal relationship right at the beginning. When attorneys deal with their clients as friends, they may end up identifying new opportunities for growth in the future.


Goldstein ensures that he brings up stories about his personal life into the business to create a personal relationship with his clients. This strategy enables him to cultivate client relationships that have lasted for years and increases value. This is because people tend to trust their friends over an individual who is only after the money.


Future Plans


Jeremy Goldstein has achieved a lot in recent years. He started from the bottom by serving other law firms to learn the strategies of being an expert lawyer in the field of acquisitions and mergers. Afterward, he started his own practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.


Goldstein’s future plans involve scaling his law firm into greater heights as well as looking for opportunities in other sectors where he can offer guidance. His philosophy consists of getting into different fields at the same time to remain diversified. Diversification helps him to move over to one of his numerous ideas when things go south to make sure that he still makes profits.


The attorney also plans to increase his efforts when it comes to giving back to the community. He is still committed to Fountain House. Although he doesn’t disclose his plans, he will undoubtedly participate in important causes in the years to come. Jeremy Goldstein continues to find new strategies to add value to his friends, clients, and the community as a whole.


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