How Doe Deere Learned To Live Through Vibrant Colors

Doe Deere is the founder of Poppy Angeloff, a jewelry company focused on creating high-quality accessories for the modern Victorian woman. Through the company, Ms. Deere has been actively encouraging women to live through the use of vibrant colors and accessories. With this experience, she’s been able to create and design products to enhance a woman’s inner and outer beauty. However, Poppy Angeloff wasn’t something that Doe Deere initially set out to make. In contrast, the idea struck her when she was cleaning out some family heirlooms, some of which she fell in love with.

Over time, this evolved into the idea or designing and producing vintage-inspired jewelry with a modern twist. However, it wasn’t something that Doe Deere initially wanted to pursue; in fact, she credits her sister with pushing her into pursuing it as a business. This led to Ms. Deere studying the history of jewelry making and design, during which time she was exposed to a variety of different styles and periods. Having said that, there was one particular style that she was repeatedly drawn to; Victorian era. As a result, the majority of Poppy Angeloff’s designs have been inspired by the time period.

In keeping with the family heirlooms that she fell in love with, Doe Deere also set out to make heirloom-quality jewelry that’s not only stylish, but can form part of our legacy. However, this wasn’t the first business that Ms. Deere has established; prior to this, she was most well known for founding Lime Crime Cosmetics. The brand focused on designing and producing Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. This business also didn’t turn out the way that Ms. Deere originally envisioned; she had initially set it up as a clothing line, but she became better known for her unique make-up looks.

Because of that, Ms. Deere pivoted the business into the makeup industry and began creating vibrant, fun and passionate makeup colors. Through this time, Doe Deere also became known for the wide range of unique color palettes. Furthermore, she had sourced her ingredients from around the world to ensure that they were high performance for the average person.