Genucel Products Offer Plant-Based Skincare

Do skincare products with natural plant extracts help my skin? Women of all ages ask Google that question on a daily basis. The short answer is, yes it can. It wasn’t too long ago when skincare products were made from ingredients you couldn’t recognize or even pronounce! You weren’t sure exactly what you were actually putting on your skin. Thankfully, that’s changed due to a new focus on health and wellness products.

Anti-aging skincare products are everywhere, but you should get to know the active ingredients in all of the skincare products you use.

Some of the more common anti-aging ingredients are:

  1. Antioxidants – Reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen
  1. Stem Cells – Helps regenerate skin cells and keep skin firm
  1. Collagen – Keeps skin plump and increases elasticity
  1. Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant that fights skin damage

Natural, plant-based skincare products such as Genucel by Chamonix contain all of the above ingredients and more. The company is committed to being transparent and listing all of the active ingredients in their skincare lines.

According to, the active ingredient in Genucel’s plant stem cell therapy cream is from Swiss apple trees. Other natural ingredients in the cream are green tea leaf extract, algae extract and goji berry extract which contains antioxidants.

The eye area is perhaps the most important in your skincare routine. The eye area has two things working against it. The skin around the eyes is tissue-paper thin, and it loses its elasticity as we age. And because most sunscreen products tell you not to use it around the eye area, it is more susceptible to UV damage.

Genucel eyelid treatment is meant to address both of those issues. The two active ingredients are peptides and vitamin E. Peptides are proteins which encourage the skin to produce collagen and make the skin firmer.

A good skincare routine should start with a gentle cleanser, an eye cream and face cream with sunscreen. For night time, an eye cream and a moisturizing night cream. Also, eating a healthy diet, exercising and drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin glowing from the inside out! To see more about Genucel visit