Bridget Scarr Enormous Contribution in Creative Development

Bridget Scarr has a tremendous talent in writing, acting, singing, and songwriting. She has a high affinity for formulating an excellent content that is accepted across all platforms. Through her work, Bridget Scarr has been able to reach and touch her audience intellectually as well as emotionally.


Bridget Scarr is an experienced producer for more than 15 years. Her production career has been in television, advertising, and animation. She has overseen many projects in creative development and technical production. The programs involved the production of drama, entertainment, children animation fiction and factual entertainment as well as lifestyle programming.


Her Involvement in Colibri Studios


Bridget Scarr joined Colibri Studios in March 2016. The studio is a mix of talented in field experts who utilize a collaborative approach to produce an engaging content for the clients. The main aim of Colibri Studios is to collaborate with global production partners as well as broadcasters.


Bridget Scarr went to Rhodes University where she graduated in 2004 with BA degree in Drama, practical studies. Currently, Bridget Scarr is the content developer, a strategist and a partner at Colibri Studios. Her focus at Colibri is the development of factual entertainment, formatting as well as programming of lifestyle genre.


The idea of Calibri studios was born when Bridget Scarr decided to switch her career. She decided to concentrate on development and creative aspect of content creation. Under the Studio, Bridget Scarr has seen her dreams come true. The idea of exhibition projects, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital content has been actualized.


Before Joining Colibri Studios

Since 2008 to 2015, Bridget Scarr worked with her parents to establish and run Pollen Creative Media Company. The company based in Johannesburg, South Africa began with a capital of $10,000 and five employees. The company provided a creative solution in the production of brands, television, and other communication materials.


Bridget Scarr co-founded Zero Point Studios in July 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Zero Point specialized in creation and development of unique IP. Also, it focused on development and production of children related TV series for global distribution. Furthermore, Bridget Scarr has worked as a television producer at Bite Animation and Primary Films.


For Bridget Scarr, her objective is uplifting and engaging in stimulating ideas. Throughout her career, Bridget Scarr has struggled to provide an avenue for creative, talented individuals to express themselves. She has achieved an enormous stride in the world of entertainment that cannot go unnoticed.


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