Your Financial Ally: Allied Wallet

In the early 2000’s, Dr. Andy Khawaja founded Allied Wallet. This payment processing company has grown substantially over the last decade. Technology is always advancing and Allied has been keeping up with it. The company prides itself on customer service and easy payment processing. Since its establishment, Allied Wallet has earned numerous accolades for their innovation within the banking industry.


Currently, AW provides service in over 190 countries. Many have benefited from the innovation of this online payment-processing. Business Wire recently discussed the Dynamics of this industry leader. In the article, BW praises Allied Wallet for their WeChat Payment app. This component of their services has flourished tremendously in China. With a market exceeding $16 trillion, China has become Allied Wallet’s biggest user base. In total, the AW company has just under 900 million users per month. This number far exceeds even the closest competitor by a half billion. Global conglomerates like American Express Visa are now in heavy competition with Allied Wallet.


Andy Khawaja believes that they have found a niche market amongst tourists and travelers. By catering to the digital world, he feels that Allied is making an impact. In May of 2019, the company and CEO earned the honor of Most Prominent Tech Company. Their innovation and vision has influenced consumer behavior in a major way. The Chief Executive Officer Allied Wallet mentions that the goal has always been to efficiently connect buyers with sellers. Analytics show they are doing a tremendous job at that.


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