The Successful Tenure Of Entrepreneur Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is a self-tailored entrepreneur who has earned her rightful place in Lightspeed Venture Capital Company. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) degree from Duke University. She’s well-versed with consumer investing and offering consultancy services.

Ashley’s journey to success

Ashley started her career path when she was hired by Bain & Company, where she worked as a consultant. Her dedication and commitment to offering exceptional services are out of this world. Ashley Lightspeed’s hard work and direct contribution were rewarded two years later when she was appointed as the Senior Associate Consultant.

Ashley Lightspeed worked as the senior consultant officer at Bain & Company for one year. Later, she joined Thumbtack Company as the category Manager. Here, she worked as a team manager, where she governed mega-events such as weddings. Under her management, the company raised tens of millions as revenue. Thumbtack Company gave Ashley first-hand experience in the venture capital industry.

Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to enroll at Stanford’s School of Business to further her studies. Ashely Lightspeed commitment to building and rebuilding connection with other start-up companies is wanting. Ashley believes in equal gender representation in the workplace. Despite entrepreneurship being a man dominated field, she has gone against the odds by emerging as a successful consultant, financial advisor, and an entrepreneur.

Is Ashley the future of Lightspeed?

Today, Ashley is a partner at Lightspeed Ventures, a company that focuses on digital media, clean-tech, internet media sectors, and communications. She’s directly involved with the consumer investing staff considering she is resilient, innovative, and creative. In her career path, Ashley has been devoted to lead start-up companies to financial stability and growth.

According to Ashley Lightspeed, customer satisfaction comes first. She suggests entrepreneurs should come up with strategies to solve the arising challenges facing consumers in communications and digital media industries.

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