Seymour Segnit Leading The Way In The Chargers Market


When it comes to those who are looking for something different in the mobile phone or tablet charger, it appears the device for them is almost here. The MAGFAST family of chargers is set to release later this summer and that should be good news for everyone who is tired of looking at a pile of cords in the corner of your room.

These chargers are the brainchild of Seymour Segnit who appears to know exactly what people are looking for when they purchase these kinds of devices. When it comes to talking about pinpointing what a person is going to want, Segnit has gone on record as saying the MAGFAST chargers were more about looking for something that his own family would find quite useful.

Once Seymour Segnit had pinpointed the idea he wanted to bring to the market, he knew he had a winner almost right away. Segnit says he took the MAGFAST charger to the market by using crowdfunding and he found quite a bit of success there.

Seymour Segnit says it took about 15 minutes for the entrepreneur to make his funding goal. Since that time, he’s managed to continue to rake in the money as people are seeing a new kind of charger that people are wanting to use as often as possible. Find Related Information Here.

Segnit says that while he is quite confident in the quality of his product, he hasn’t always been all that confident it would sell as it did. In a recent interview, he said that he was a little afraid people wouldn’t come to see what he had to offer. See This Article to learn more

Segnit added in a recent interview that once people did indeed come to see what MAGFAST could offer them and how it could make their lives that much easier, he had no doubt the product would sell well.


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