Jump Design CEO Glenn Schlossberg is an Accomplished Motorhead

Jump Design Group CEO Glenn Schlossberg has an interesting side-hobby. The innovative mind behind the women’s fashion conglomerate is apparently a businessman by day and racer also by day. In fact, his success as a motorhead is almost as great as his successes in business.

In a recent interview Schlossberg delved into the details of what he calls his “meditation and escape”. As the CEO of a top tier Manhattan fashion company escape is something that is required. Glenn Schlossberg spends most of his time traveling to China and Europe for inspiration when he is not manning his office stateside.

“Racing is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of a multinational business,” Schlossberg stated. “Driving is just me and the car.” Glenn’s travels abroad have allowed him to accumulate quite the collection of sports cars. All of which he is able to race on a track just 90 minutes outside of Manhattan at the Monticello Motor Club.

Based on gazetteday.com, Schlossberg races in timed bouts where the object is to beat the driver’s current record. Every time you hit the track you try to race faster than your previous performance. It can be a very relaxing vocation for individuals who enjoy speed. It is also a terrific way to enjoy a top tier race car.

Schlossberg does not compete in actual bouts with other drivers as that is not his forte. It also is a better option as his real job keeps him quite busy. “I enjoy timed racing as it is easier to fit into my schedule,” Schlossberg said, “I participate whenever I want over at Monticello.”

The fast pace of racing suits Schlossberg as his day job involves the same pace. Glenn constantly juggles numerous meetings with the various sides of Jump Design. From his sales team to his production team his daily deck remains pretty stacked. The availability of timed racing fits into this frenetic schedule and allows him to break away. To see more details about Schlossberg visit weeklyopinion.com