Jason Colodne Exemplifies The Results That Can Be Attained From A Consistent Pursuit Of Excellence:

Jason Colodne is one of those entrepreneurs that follows his instincts and actively seeks out his professional goals. He also follows his passions and succeeds in his areas of primary focus as well as areas that might be considered to be within the realm of hobbies. He is an investment and finance professional who has worked with some of the most prestigious and well-known firms in the industry and he has also made a serious foray into the world of film. This side passion of film has been an additional point of success within the professional career that Jason Colodne has carved out for himself. The most significant accomplishment that Jason has to his name is the fact that he is one of the co-founders of the private equity management operation Colbeck Capital Management.

Colbeck Capital Management is headquartered out of New York City and it was founded in 2009 when Jason Colodne teamed up with his former Goldman Sachs co-worker Jason Beckman to create a private equity management firm that took a different approach to garner success in the industry. This approach includes areas such as financially distressed investment opportunities within the corporate world. This is an area that both Jason Colodne and his fellow Colbeck Capital Management co-founder Jason Beckman had a lot of experience with before they started operations together. Learn more about Jason Colodne at colbeck.com

The career that Jason has enjoyed began long before his establishment of Colbeck Capital Management. Jason Colodne began his career in the world of professional investment and finance after studying the subject at the University of Pennsylvania. This set him up nicely for a career working with Goldman Sachs. He had a strong run with the well-established firm and helped out in the area of Distressed Investing in the proprietary area.

Success with Goldman Sachs led to Jason landing a position as a Managing Director at the equally auspicious firm Morgan Stanley. His time there was put to good use as he led the Strategic Finance Division and once again distinguished himself in his efforts. The infrastructural work that he did with Morgan Stanley proved critical in helping the firm to grow its business model and improve its profitability. After his time with Morgan Stanley, Jason served at Patriarch Partners as the firm’s President. During this time, he did outstanding work for the private equity operation and made major inroads in the area of distressed companies. This was particularly valuable experience when it came to the next move that Jason Colodne embarked upon.

2009 saw the culmination of everything that Jason Coloden had been working for. He went into business with Jason Beckman in the creation of Colbeck Capital Management. Since that time, the partners have been busy putting together an outstanding team of investment industry professionals and working to build a reputation for excellence. Jason has also found time to pursue his side passion for film and has racked up five film credits. One of these was as a co-producer while the other four saw him in the executive producer role.

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