Incorporating locationsmart in business is one of the most effective methods of customer retention gimmicks. Locationsmart provides a platform for building a good relationship with your customers effortlessly by the use of IP geolocation.

IP geolocation is geographical locating software used to identify the geographical position of a device connected to it, for instance, mobile phones.

Once you connect your device to the software, you get an IP address that helps in accessing the network. Locationsmart uses this software to improve business growth to greater heights in several ways.

  • The license of operation.

The jurisdiction to conduct individual businesses is always governed by regulations to ensure that the company is in line with its memorandum. Business industries like betting are considered illegal in some areas if they fail to comply with the government stipulated regulations.

In online betting, IP geolocation is required to identify the player’s location. By confirming the position of the player, the business has the mandate to place the bet and carry out financial obligations. In instances where the company does not have the license to operate, consequences ca translate to losses incurred.

  • Control of online frauds.

Online businesses are more prone to this kind of frauds; therefore, serious security measures are necessary. Using IP address can help to track the location of that address when it has been used to access some business services online. Using this technology can, therefore, be applied in pinpointing the area of fraud when someone’s account has access to the services without his or her knowledge. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

  • Improve customer product knowledge.

Using IP geolocation can help you identify the physical address of your customers by connecting your services to their phones. It is quite satisfying when your business is aware of when, where, and who is accessing its services. Hence, it makes it easy for the customer to relate well with your products. The customers also get a chance to contact you concerning some other services.

  • It provides online security.

An IP address can be used to create a firewall that prevents hackers from accessing your services illegally. Having your services accessible to all your customers online creates an excellent opportunity for intruders to take advantage.

IP address keeps the records of all the devices that have access to your online services. Analyzing those records can give information about an unknown device trying to get access and hence provides a security alert.

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