How James Dondero Is Leading The Investment Management Firm of the Future

The year 2008 was a tipping point for the world of finance. It was an incredibly difficult year for the industry because many companies and financial professionals saw losses that were nothing short of catastrophic. But one of the silver linings of difficult situations is that they can present opportunities to learn. Mistakes and misjudgements that were once easy to overlook can become apparent in stark contrast to the world around them. Hardship can often serve as an opportunity for professionals to accurately assess an environment in a way that they might not have assessed it before. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Nearly ten years after the financial crisis the financial services world has learned from its shortcomings and is better equipped to navigate an economy and global market that are constantly changing. One of the things that has changed since the financial crisis is the certainty that one can count on the strong performance of hedge funds to bring in profits. According to the business publication Institutional Investor a recent study found that assets in hedge funds had fallen by a margin of ten percent. In contrast to the performance of hedge funds the same study found that the total assets of alternative asset managers had risen by a margin of ten percent. That is great news for investors that are interested or already engaged in alternative asset management and for anyone that is interested in working with the Dallas, Texas-based firm Highland Capital Management which is among the most experienced alternative credit managers in the financial services industry.


Highland Capital Management is an investment advisor that manages more than $13 billion worth of assets. Among the firm’s many areas of expertise are credit hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations, alternative investments, distressed and special situations private equity and emerging markets. The firm serves a wide variety of clients including philanthropic foundations, banks, individuals, pension plans administered by government agencies and corporations. James Dondero is the co-founder and current President of Highland Capital Management. Investment management firms would be hard pressed to find a leader more qualified than James Dondero. Dondero has spent his entire career devoting himself to the study of finance and the business of serving businesses in need of financial services and products. He got his start in finance as a college student at the University of Virginia where he studied accounting and finance. He would go on to become a Certified Management Accountant and to earn the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. Read more about James Dondero at