Brazilian entrepreneur, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr . Felipe montoro is a successful and a well-known entrepreneur in the Brazilian finance industry. He focuses in infrastructural projects and is also a consultant on various infrastructure projects all over Brazil, he is also a great influence and has been greatly involved in helping with major business arrangements between private companies and the Brazilian government. Felipe Montoro Jens has had a great opportunity in working with several major companies in Brazil including Enel Group S.P.A, Luciano NitriGuidolin among others that have gave him a great experience in his field and greatly recognized in the infrastructure sector and finance.

He holds multiple job positions in several companies in his country. Apart from working as a consultant in matters of infrastructure projects, Mr. Montoro works as the chairman of AboreolandEmpreendimentosImobiliarios, Principal at Peru InversionesEnInfraestructura South America among other companies where he holds several positions. He holds a post-graduate degree in business administration from American Garvin School and also has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and history.

He states in a previous interview that in order to remain productive as an entrepreneur one requires to remain focused on their main goal you desire to achieve and the efforts needed in achieving that goal.He also stresses on the fact that patient is a great thing to have as an entrepreneur always take time to review yourself and never give up as there is always room for improvement and that is what it takes to make a chance. He further encourages that one thing you should not forget is always be in a position to motivate your team to work with as much passion has yourself .finally always work, live and interact with people who are better and smarter than you as this motivates and enriches your life with better ideas and things of value in the long run.