Betsy DeVos and Regular Donations

Betsy DeVos isn’t just someone who is unforgettable. Society will never ever pass her by. She’s a woman of substance. She’s a woman who takes on tangible actions any time she can. Tangible actions make her feel as though she has purpose. Working as President Donald J. Trump’s colleague doesn’t zap her of energy. It’s something that pushes her to do her best daily. She doesn’t ever settle for anything that’s mediocre. She only does things that are 100 percent exceptional. Her husband is her identical or fraternal twin in that way. Dick DeVos doesn’t like the thought of people ever thinking that he’s okay with settling. The status quo just doesn’t make him feel exhilarated.


Betsy DeVos is no longer officially “Elisabeth Prince.” That doesn’t bother her in the slightest, though. Although she was Miss Elisabeth Prince in the seventies in college, she was elated to become Betsy DeVos not long after that. Tying the knot to the aforementioned Dick was among the finest decisions this lady ever made. She admits that all of the time as well. She never says no to the chance to wax poetic about her marital union. She has kids who make her feel like she’s unstoppable. She acknowledges that her hubby makes her feel as light as a feather.


Are there individuals in the United States who aim to mimic Betsy DeVos? There are copycats in droves. This doesn’t exasperate DeVos, though. She knows well that imitation is a true compliment. She doesn’t let the thoughts of other human beings interfere with any of her actions. She’s always the portrait of composed. She’s composed any time she shows up to schooling events. She’s composed any time she’s engaged in conversations with the President. President Trump isn’t someone she considers to be daunting. They truthfully have a work style that’s harmonious. They show each other all the esteem they have available.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation matters a great deal to Betsy. It matters a great deal to Dick as well. It’s been a huge project for the pair since the eighties. It continues to be a huge project for them. Their donations to the non-profit group never ever cease. They never get more insignificant, either. Betsy wants to make America a stronger nation for all of its citizens. She wants to make families feel powerful and invincible. She encourages households in America to be productive. She encourages them to be proactive, too. She likes hearing about American parents who care about their kids and their educations. She likes shooting the breeze with American mothers and fathers who want to contribute to strong changes within the sizable American educational system. DeVos always talks about the schooling system in the country. She always talks about how it can grow. She’s never been an individual who is fine with things simply staying the same. Positive advancements are one of the things she looks forward to constantly. She’s someone who constantly has a major mission.


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