Ashley Lightspeed Driven to Help Businesses Grow

 Ashley Lightspeed grew up watching her father as an architect and wanted to be an architect herself. However, as she grew older she realized that as much as her dad liked building buildings, she liked building businesses. Ashely was quick on her feet and able to bridge connections between the most intimidating people. She was kind and assertive so her personality could connect with almost anyone.

This ability to connect fostered Ashley Lightspeed’s growth in the business world. She was able to find mentors that shaped her knowledge around investments and business growth. She was able to take her dreams of becoming an architect and channel it into her drive to build businesses.

Lightspeed Venture Partners was looking for a change and decided to take a chance on Ashley because she seemed like exactly the kind of employee they needed. Lightspeed Venture Partners only had two women working for the company before they hired Ashley Lightspeed as well as a few other female employees. The firm was looking for brilliant young women and chose Ashley because of her ability to connect with people and her eye for business development. See full article at

One of Ashley’s core specialities as a consultant is understanding business development and what factors can affect a company’s ability to grow. She has had numerous experiences working within the start-up world and was able to see firsthand what helped companies grow and what did not. She understands that the best way to nurture a company is to give it individual attention.

Ashley will work with Lightspeed Venture Partners clients to review their business plan and understand where changes must be made. She will help address concerns and come up with actionable steps to help the business succeed. Meeting Lightspeed Venture Partners client’s growth goals is critical for Ashley and the team. Read: