The Guardian Angel App by Tigerswan is an emergency app that allows others to pinpoint the user location using the Global Positioning System built inside the phone so they can respond to the user emergency needs. According to the website Tigerswan, the Guardian Angel app is for people who travel a lot and want to minimize the risk of traveling when they are on the road alone. This app can also help those who are traveling abroad because no matter where you go you as long as the GPS on the phone is working and there is a data connection, the company will be able to help you get back home safely. According to the website Tigerswan, their tracking capability is “driven by two parallel operations occurring simultaneously”. This technology made by Guardian Angel is comprehensive risk mitigation and is also control by Global Security Operation Center or GSOC Analyst.

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The Guardian Angel App also can understand the environment around the user by using traffic analyzer, finding an alternative route for the user to go, understanding if there are any hijacking or crime in the area and help the user to take action accordingly. This is a good app for not just people traveling alone but it is also good for people who are delivering merchandise to certain locations.

TigerSawn is a global risk management company that provide everything about security from mitigating risk to ensuring that people are traveling safely to their destination.

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