Why Is Isabel Dos Santos An Important Figure In African Economics

Isabel dos Santos is a very important figure in African economics because she is the richest woman in Africa along with being one of the most philanthropic. Her plans for Africa include a better education for all and investment in technology. She wants to see a lot more energy grids going up in Africa along with more people trained for the technical jobs that are needed to manage these major upgrades. She is giving to amazing charities that are serving women, and she wants to be sure that everyone in Africa can have the sort of life they want.

1. How Does Isabel Give Back?

Isabel dos Santos gives to many charities that are focused on giving people a chance to get an education or the money that they need to start their own companies. This is something that she believes in deeply because there are plenty of people who will not go into the tech sector. She does work with a lot of tech and energy companies, but she knows that is not the whole economy.

2. How Does She Help Businesses?

Isabel dos Santos is helping businesses every day by making sure that she is in their boardrooms giving them ideas that will make Africa a better place to live. She wants to see the infrastructure of Africa change, and she wants to be sure that she is creating as many jobs as possible. Plus, she knows that it will be important to many women that their daughters could get better educations and go into the sciences. This is something that anyone can do when they have been given better options, and that is why Isabel dos Santos is such an important person in African economics.

3. Conclusion

The best part of what Isabel does is that she is making her continent the best place to live with some of the best infrastructure upgrades possible. She wants to see companies flood Africa with the best ways for people to get new jobs, and she is giving to charities that allow girls and women to start jobs or businesses they believe in.

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