Vinod Gupta, From Impoverished School Boy To Wealthy Billionaire

Omaha serial entrepreneur, Vinod Gupta talks about how he learned to evolve and flourish, despite obstacles and setbacks. Entrepreneurs often speak of excitement when opening one’s own business. But for Vinod Gupta his first business idea came while working for someone else As a youth in India, Gupta didn’t have much, not in the way of role models or in material possessions. Yet, he managed to rise above his upbringing and find success by first using imagination. Not like the popular New Age concept of ‘visualizations,’ Vinod Gupta relied on his imagination because he had little else. Born July 4, 1946, Gupta lived with his family in a tiny village within Rampur Maniharan, a municipality of Saharanpur in India.

Education provided with the foundation for success. His primary schooling was funded by his parents’ hard work. Afterward, he earned a Bachelor’s of Technology Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Then following a brief stint in the Indian Air Force, he completed his MBA in America. In 1971, while working on a project for his employer, The Commodore Corporation, Vinod Gupta developed important skills. He realized that he had a gift for compiling information, and for borrowing capital to make more money.

The following year, in 1972, Vinod Gupta officially became an entrepreneur, opening Business Research Services, and American Business List (ABI). The company that started with little funding and just three employees went public 21 years later, after grossing $75 million dollars in revenue. By 1997 Gupta was well on his way to financial solvency when the company profit margins grew to an excess of $108 million. After two later name changes, the original company became, infoGROUP, and Vinod Gupta eventually sold that company for $680 million in 2010.