US Money Reserve Discusses Why The Fed’s Interest Rates Can Affect You And Your Dollars

A US Reserve spokesperson recently published a video detailing the current state of the Federal Reserve and why gold is starting to see an upward movement. He mentioned how that despite a pretty strong economy, the interest rates the Fed has kept have stayed very low, and this last part of 2018 when they went up again, President Trump called them out on it. Projection for 2019 is that interest rates are going to be lowered back down again.

Watch the video below:

The struggle that the Fed has is maintaining a high enough interest rate level so that the US dollar has strong buying power internationally. But when raised too high, regular interest rates also go up in banks and credit unions which discourages businesses from borrowing and can slow down economic activity.

The other issue is that the Fed has always had to be independently run without outside influence either from the regular federal government or big banking executives, yet there is the possibility it may be being influenced by some billionaire investors even now. If this the case, confidence in the US dollar could be at risk, and that means gold and silver are hitting highs in the market. US Money Reserve has a lot of tips for getting into the gold market.

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