Toyo Setal – A Unique Company Operating Under Various Industries

Toyo Setal is a company based in Brazil, operating mostly in the construction, engineering, and procurement industry. It is a subsidiary of the TS Participacoes e Investimentos S.A. (TSPI). The company was established in 2012, and through the years, they were able to engage in numerous projects. In 2013, The company launched the UGH Project, establishing the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro – COMPERJ, and the UFN-5, which is an ammonia plant. In 2014, the company assisted in the construction of the Belo Monte Main Power House. Read this article at

What are the industries where Toyo Setal is actively involved?

The company actively participates in several industries, like chemistry, energy, fertilizers, infrastructures, mining, oil and gas, petrochemistry, and steelworks. These industries pose a threat to the employees, and the company is doing their best to upgrade the level of safety in the field. The solutions proposed by Toyo Setal are based on the budge of their client, and they will always provide them with satisfying and high-quality results. The company is also strict when it comes to their projected deadlines, and they are doing their best to finish the projects on time. Businesses that signed a partnership with the company are saying that they noticed how their employees start to become responsible and productive after the changes were made. It also resulted in higher profits and increased workplace safety.

What are the secrets to the company’s success?

Toyo Setal provides unique services to their clients, and one of the reasons why their projects are always succeeding is because they are hiring professionals who have a lot of experiences in the corporate world. The employees working for the company always follow their guidelines, and they have a clear set of goals.Another advantage of working with Toyo Setal is the chance to develop certain skills and values that will help someone achieve a better career. The company is also engaging with international businesses, making it possible for someone to develop a career in the international market.

Awards and recognitions

At the AVEVA World Summit in 2014, the company received an award. The “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” is the name of the award given to the company for their contribution in the field of engineering.

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