Tony Petrello As Leader Of Nabors Industries Engages In A Hefty Responsibility

It is not just anybody that can “fill the shoes” of a leading major oil and gas producer, servicer, and provider. This is a very unique challenge. The industry is full of regulations: on an international basis. It has a great deal of risk associated with it: a risk that is minimized by the latest and greatest of technologies.

The industry requires a labor force, that is well-trained and comfortable, in using the equipment and technology, it is provided. The stakeholders, depend, much, on the CEO to deliver to them a substantial dividend.

The customer, wishes to attain recovery, as to oil, and to assure performance of a successful operation, that goes as planned.

It is Tony Petrello’s responsibility, as CEO of Nabors Industries, to assure none of the parties, and then some, are disappointed. How does he do it?

Tony Petrello looks at his challenge as an opportunity. He places, into focus, the best, in state-of-the art technologies, the world over; in order to effectively compete with an ever-evolving industry.

He is a skilled negotiator, community and industry communicator: and is “always putting his best foot forward.”

It is Petrello’s strength of leadership–that allows Nabors Industries to continue to move into the future, with a great deal of confidence and merit.

Consider the following, under the direction and overseer capabilities of Tony Petrello: Nabors Industries provides its client-base with the largest, in way of a land-drilling rig fleet, on an international level.

The company has around five-hundred rigs, in service, in over twenty-five nations. The rigs are used in every important oil and gas basin, internationally.

Nabors Industries, possesses the highest sum of high specification rigs. The company has over two-hundred fifteen AC rigs, and over one-hundred fifty refurbished SCR rigs.

A good majority of Nabors Industries’, pieces of equipment, were produced to take on the challenge of certain climatic conditions. There are rigs designed, exclusively, for very cold environments; and rigs that are perfect for dry, warm desert conditions. When it comes to shale plays, Nabors Industries, continually, sets drilling records.

A vast majority of Nabors Industries’ rigs are highly advanced, from the standpoint of technology. The company, deploys, new pieces of equipment, continually, and takes older technologies, routinely out-of service. The preceding activity, allows Nabors Industries, to possess a well-drilling fleet, which is the latest and greatest of technologies, in the business.

Anthony Petrello, believes, in providing his customers with the best in oil and gas well-drilling technology, in order to assure precision of placement, and in making certain his operators and labor force are kept safe.

Mr. Petrello wishes to minimize risk: as much as possible. When the newest forms of technology are introduced, it is correct to state: Costs are reduced for the customer–over the long run–since oil recovery is much greater, when wellbore placement is precise. In order to achieve optimum levels of precise placement, the best in technologies are required. This is the goal of Nabors Industries and Tony Petrello.

Notes Regarding Tony Petrello:

Tony Petrello holds two Degrees in Mathematics from the Ivy League College of Yale University. One Degree is a B.S. Degree in Mathematics. The other Degree is an M.S. Degree in Math. Mr. Petrello worked at the highly eminent law firm of Baker McKenzie, prior to his tenure at Nabors Industries. He worked as Managing Partner of the international law firm. He serves as a Director at Stewart and Stevenson and is a Director at: Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston, Texas.


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  1. Tony Petrello recognizes the volatility of the market: and makes every move, possible, in order to properly minimize risk. He attained a J.D. from Harvard Law School. It makes me feel good about them and I know for sure that might take these things from there on and make it look so legit.

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