Todd Levine Leads Kluger Kaplan Law Company to Prosperity

The Best Lawyers in America© recognized Todd Levine, one of the prominent lawyers at Kluger Kaplan among the best American lawyers. He won the recognition in Real Estate Litigation alongside Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan that worked with him in the Miami firm.

Attorney Bruce Katzen won the recognition too from his unmatched efforts in Security Markets Law. His expertise in Commercial Litigation also played a significant part in his honor. On the other hand, Alan Kluger’s prowess in Financial Litigation, Banking, and Family Law stood out.

Alan Kluger, one of the Kluger Kaplan law firm’s founding members, couldn’t hide his joy over the achievements of the entire team. Kluger noted that it was a sign of the confidence the organization had in the company’s professional attorneys. He added that the lawyers continue to display high levels of professionalism, legal integrity, and excellence in their practices. The firm believes in providing excellent services to its clients.

Abbey Kaplan is a Kluger Kaplan lawyer known for his expertise in handling complex legal cases covering business and commercial litigation. His specialization revolves around intellectual property issues, real estate disputes, corporate financial issues, and liability as well as contract cases.

Besides being among the founding members of the company, attorney Todd Levine is an expert lawyer in almost all the categories. His expertise in tackling cases involving investors, property owners, brokers, developers, and contractors is out of this world. The talented attorney uniquely approaches the industry keeping in mind that he is an expert in music and arts.

Todd Levine applies his creativity skills in tackling the entertainment and sports-related issues. Furthermore, the talented attorney handles the financial and investment arrangement lawsuits soberly despite their sensitivity. He is capable of handling even the most delicate cases because of his unmatched expertise in analyzing and creating unique solutions from his colleagues.

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