Things to Do Near the Fagali’l Airport

     Things to do within a few minutes of the Fagali’l airport is plentiful. You would be amazed at all of the opportunity available to vacationers traveling to Apia.

Apia is known for rich Samoan culture of dancing,crafting and foods. Also, their beaches are popular as well, very beautiful. But, what are some of the things that families can do that are just within a short bicycle ride from not only the Fagali’l airport, but surrounding hotels of the airport as well?

Things to do that are just within a short bike ride or a really short drive of the Fagali’l Airport

* Watch a Show at Fiafia Night – A Samoan singing and dancing show with a fun DJ and high quality foods.

* Dive and Snorkel – Dive off of a black sand beach and witness the interesting turtles, eagle rays, groupers and more.

* Visit the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral – A fine art exhibition of sheer beauty including unbelievable craftsmanship.

* Take a Yoga Hiking Tour – Breathtaking scenery of waters, a tropical forest, songbirds, and more. Feel the light wind overtake your body in bliss while performing various yoga poses.

* Go Shopping at Janet’s – Fine quality gift items that lasts. Definitely a great stop for souvenirs. Specializes in Samoan goods.

The list goes on. You can also experience rock sliding, the Samoan Cultural Village, the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, the Samao Surf and Turf and much more.

Well, while we are at it, you will need a place to stay, right? Well, below are…

Five nice hotels that will cost you under $250 per night, highly reviewed and within minutes of the Fagali’l airport.

* Insel Fehmarn Hotel – $65

* Travellers Point Hotel – $74

* Ulalei Lodge – $48

* Taumeasina Island Resort – $225

* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121

Ok, so now you are well aware of all of the great things to do in the area of the Fagali’l airport, which includes some really nice hotels as well. Get an awesome deal on your tickets and come on out and have some fun with your beautiful family in the city of Apia.

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  1. If you have ever dreamt of going to a vacation and having real fun, then Apia is just the right destination for you. To understand the beauty of their craft men, Conception of Mary Cathedral just at some steps from the Fagali’l Airport will leave astonished. This site can has beautiful pictures of the different landscape of Apia and notable among them is the rock sliding and the Samoan Cultural Village. This is a one stop destination for vacationers and you will love it too.

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