The Visionary Guilherme Paulus

The Brazilian international investor and hotel owner was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo and operates a tour company, CVC Brasil Operadora & the GJP Resorts and Hotels throughout the country. Starting as an IBM intern, Guilherme Paulus was only 24years when he co-founded Brasil Operadora and has since then has taken over and run the business all by himself as his partner turned politician. His tour business has garnered a lot of recognition as a successful tour company becoming the largest your company in Latin America.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Guilherme Paulus studied Business Administration in the college working hard to put his company on the map as a successful conglomerate using his natural gifts to create an assemblage travel packages that surpass competition. From the very beginning Guilherme Paulus seized every opportunity he got due to his plan from his early career years to be the king of tourism and accodamations in Brazil. Furthermore, the concept of social accountability had a major impact on him especially as it applied to his role as a reputable entrepreneur. Guilherme Paulus’ GJP Resorts and Hotels have grown to more than 2000 rooms within 13hotels within Brazil making it being the most recommended go to place.

Recognizing the importance of giving back to the society throughout his amazing career, Guilherme Paulus’ CVC sponsors a project that edifies young people in leadership comprehension for the tourism industry. In addition, further charitable organizations are sponsored by CVC that provides care for extremely underprivileged teenagers with more donations in healthcare, food care, and knowledge based curriculums. As a result of the booming tourism sector in Brazil, the confounder of CVC enters the Forbes billionaires list with a networth of 1.1Billion. under his leadership his company has opened more outlets in Brazil seeking venturing in large scale retail business while on the other hand fulfilling his early career dreams of becoming the leader of Brazil Tourism industry.

Most of Guilherme Paulus outstanding achievement in his career have not gone unrecognised. In that the personality award went to him as recognized by Viagem e Turismo.