The Success of Gulf Coast Western in the Energy Industry

The Texas-based firm has been operational for almost five decades now. The primary focus of the organization is to explore oil and gas present in the gulf coast of the United States. Its management team focuses on areas that have good geological and geophysical features. Matt Fleeger is the current chief executive officer of the American company.

According to him, the success of the organization is due to its commitment to developing transparent relationships with its partners, which has resulted in mutual trust and respect. The energy company is one of the most successful family-owned businesses in the country. It also operates in other parts of the country including Colorado, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Its growth in Louisiana can be attributed to successful partnerships with two firms.

The Matt Fleeger led organization partnered with a local company called Orbit Gulf Coast and acquired most of its assets, including hundreds of square miles and data. It also got access to wells with potential to produce tens of millions of barrels. Gulf Coast Western also got into a partnership with an energy firm called Warhorse, and that has expanded its production capacity in the region.

Other efforts by the Dallas-based company to expand its operations include adding PUD-designated offset wells and workover wells. The management of the organization also plans to acquire more fields in the United States to meet the demand for its products. Matt Fleeger has strived to ensure that every stakeholder of the energy firm adheres to ethical practices and integrity.

During his tenure, it has maintained an A++ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The business executive is one of the most reputable professionals in the country. He has many years of experience in the energy sector. He has earned the respect of his colleagues due to his skills in team building, negotiation, and strategic planning.