The Real Success of Fabletics

It’s difficult to tell when a company is truly succeeding as much as they advertise they are. In fashion, in particular, brand recognition can often outshine the actual success of the company. Currently, Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. That’s one of the main reasons that it’s so hard to succeed in fashion.

Despite that disadvantage, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to overcome and prosper. Since its launch three years ago, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million business. It set out to conquer the ‘activewear’ movement. The brand was founded as a subscription mechanic that sells selected styles based on the member’s personal styles.

Fabletics has embraced the new ways that consumers select high-value brands. In the old days, it was all about having a good product or service and a good price. Now, consumers care more about things that show the company is willing to go that extra mile, like last-mile service and customer experience.

Like other household names, Fabletics has begun exploring physicals stores. Not every e-commerce company can make the jump so easily.


While other companies have failed due to “showrooming”, where customers look around in stores but buy cheaper elsewhere, Fabletics has introduced a new platform for their physical stores. “Reverse showrooming” is the strategy of opening investing time into getting to know their customers.

Fabletics encourages each of its stores to host events and other activities to get to know the local markets and built relationships. Most of the people visiting the stores are already members, and an additional 25 percent of visitors become members in store. Fabletics has also combined the online shopping cart with members’ in-store shopping cart.

According to an actual review, she’d recommend Fabletics. Their prices, styles, and quality of products are beyond what many would expect. Fabletics really does have a huge selection of hundreds of styles and brands.

Another aspect of Fabletics that makes it better than all the rest is having the ability to skip membership payments. Members only have to pay when they see something they want. Fabletics invites visitors to take their Lifestyle Quiz.

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  1. There’s significantly more that goes into bringing guests into a store as opposed to inspiring them to visit a site. Anybody, regardless of their tastes, could without much of a stretch discover something they like on Fabletics. It is also important that could have everything undone from the start to the finish.

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