The exemplary Carsten Thiel, his work, his success

Many times we hear names of people and names of technology with no attention to the why, where, when about those names. Carsten Thiel is such an example. The man struggled to become a doctor because he was passionate about helping people. He managed to finish graduate school and continued on that path until today. Along the way he proved to himself and others that he could also be an excellent business entrepreneur and to this day he could very well bear that title.

As many people would not even think that a businessman could have the qualities of a philanthropist, it turns out that as a firm believer in education he has donated to many such projects throughout the years, including an ongoing project in Kenya which has provided education to at least 400 children. He admires the fact that many of these children had to travel long distances to that school and their dedication, to him, is admirable.

Carsten Thiel sets a very good example of the independent thinker that follows his dreams. Thanks to his convictions, even when others would not believe in him, he moved forward with the application of his ideas and came out at the other end winning. This attitude has others look up to him as a savvy entrepreneur.

Only men like him succeed. One has to listen to himself first before he listens to others and he has definitely done that. Being very practical with time, he gives each part of his life the amount of time it deserves, including his family.

Carsten Thiel’s: Facebook Page.