The Controversial But Insightful Legal Battle Between Jim Larkin, Michael Lacey and Joe Arpaio

Every day, we read news online that educate us with the current events in the political arena, both globally and locally.

One of this news that is worthy of reading and that can enlighten us of the political challenges happening in the world is the Presidential pardon of Donald Trump given for Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Facebook

It’s hard to encapsulate every part of the landmark legal case between Mr. Arpaio and Michael Lacey and Larkin, the journalists of Village Voice who sued Mr. Arpaio for illegally detaining them in the middle of the night at their home.

However, we can say here that based on the news we can gather from The News Version website, Joe Arpaio has already been regarded as one of the government officials that are notorious for heinous procedures in running their duties.

The backstory of Joe Arpaio also started ten years ago, when he went with the people in his office, the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents, to the home of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey and detained them.

The two journalists were hauled out of their office, and Mr. Joe and his police officers imprisoned them under the charges that they were supposedly disclosing the details of an investigatioon involving a grand jury.

It may be said, too, that the detainment had been seen as a retaliation of Joe Arpaio against the series of investigations that the two journalists did against him. There’s a set of aggressive tactics that Joe Arpaio did that the two journalists saw had to be reported, and this may have been the cause of the journalists’ arrest.

Another issue that was accused against Joe Arpaio is the fact that he illegally arrests immigrants. In fact, in 2011 the United States District Judge Murray Snow had to admonish Joe Arpaio of what constitutes legal arrest and inadmissible arrest due to being an immigrant. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

There were also cases against Joe Arpaio of implementing harsh prison conditions to the inmates at Tent City, mostly against immigrants. Such abuses can be considered to be human rights violations to these immigrants.

The fortunate thing about the entire legal case between Joe Arpaio, Michael Lacey, and Jim Larkin, however, is the case is now settled. There is now settlement money of $3.75 Million granted to the two journalists because of the illegal arrest.

About Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The$3.75 million settlement money that Jim and Michael got are now used to fund the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization that grants considerable assistance to causes that push forward the rights of immigrants.

This is also an organization that gives migrant-rights protection to organizations across the entire Arizona state. The fund has now helped Latino organizations, as well as Hispanics, to get the protection they need against the abuse they experience from law enforcers.

What also makes for an inspiring story today is the fact that Larkin and Lacey are going back to the world of journalism today, writing long-form journalism articles for FrontPage Confidential, exposing law enforcers’ abuse.