The Chainsmokers Show no Signs of Slowing Down

The Chainsmokers are Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart, two New York DJ’s who have been releasing a steady stream of music for several years. The Chainsmokers are a big success in the dance/electronic genre, and have had more than a little success as a crossover band. They have had a variety of singles and EP’s at #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart, as well as having their album “Memories…Do Not Open” also hit #1 on the Top 200 Chart. As avid writers, recorders and performers of music, the Chainsmokers are always looking for a new direction or inspiration for their music.

For the past few months most of their releases have been along the lines of gloomier, slower music than usual. With their most recent release, “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren on vocals, they take it the other direction with a disco-themed, upbeat tune backing up the personal lyrics. The song is about a lonely party-goer who makes a questionable, but understandable, choice to hook up with someone they know to not be good for them. The Chainsmokers describe it a “summer banger”, something more upbeat and uptempo for the bright summer months.

Emily Warren is a regular contributor for the Chainsmokers, who say she is one of the easiest collaborations they’ve ever been a part of. Pall and Taggart say that she is one of their favorite people and that she always has a new idea for a song. Pall and Taggart have collaborated with many other musicians, but say Warren is their favorite.

The Chainsmokers also push their live shows in the same way they push their recorded music. Starting out as a typical DJ act by simple standing behind a DJ table, the Chainsmokers have expanded and added many elements of a traditional live band. Taggart has provided live vocals for some of the songs he sings on, and the duo have stated they really love having a drummer on stage. They don’t have a set band for their live shows, preferring to play it by ear and provide the crowd with something unique.