The career achievements of Serge Belamant, the blockchain technology founder

Serge Belamant, a French-born South African computer scientist and entrepreneur, is recognized globally as the founder of blockchain technology. He is also the patent holder of this revolutionary technology. Before blockchain technology became mainstream, Serge used it to come up with some innovations in the digital space throughout his career. At the time, these innovations were ground-breaking and lay the foundation for most of what you might find ordinary these days. Belamant was born in 1953 at Tulle France, and his family moved to South Africa when he was furteen years old. Read more on

Revolutionary achievements in early career

After leaving the University of South Africa where he was studying information systems, Serge Belamant landed a job at a popular civil engineering firm, Matrix. He worked with the firm’s BKSH division and using his computer science skills he came up with the first public-key cryptocurrency. This was an application that was meant to measure the water level in dams and predict drought. After this achievement, Serge’s other notable move was while he was working at Bancorp as a consultant. His main area of focus was risk management and analysis, and he came up with an innovative 10 step computer program for this. This program could test an analyze the risks and sustainability of a business.

Revolutionary achievements as an entreprenuer

When Serge Belamant launched his company, Net1 Technologies in 1989, it was an opportunity for him to innovate without limits. The first major opportunity came his way in 1995 when Visa asked him and his company to develop a Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card (COPAC. For this job Serge successfully managed to merge FTS and UEPS technologies to create this product for Visa.

Thanks to the success that Serge Belamant had accrued for his company from the Visa deal, he was able to take his company public on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He went ahead to expand the services of his company to new markets around the globe including Burundi, Russia, Namibia, Iraq, Botswana, and Ghana. Net1 Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ in New York in 2003 thanks to his innovative leadership. Read more on