Ted Bauman’s Career

Ted Bauman has been a part of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2010. He holds the role as the editor of The Bauman Letter, the 10X Project and Alpha Stock Alert. He lived in the United States for a large portion of his life. He lived in Washington D.C. and Maryland. He moved to South Africa in hopes for an adventure. He attended the University of Cape Town with a degree in postgraduate degrees in economics, economic history and politics.

After graduating, Ted Bauman spent 25 years working as a fund manager. One of his greatest accomplishments with his long career in Africa, was helping found Slum Dwellers International. Slum Dwellers International has impressively went on to help over 14 million people within 35 countries.

He also worked for the World Bank, the South African government and European grant-making agencies in the early 2,000’s. In 2008, he started a career with Habitat for Humanity International. He worked as the Director of International Housing Programs for about 6 years before leaving the company.

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After leaving Director of International Housing Programs, Ted Bauman pursued a career in researching and writing. Hos new career allowed him to travel around the world. He has traveled around over 80 different countries. He loves traveling because it taught him that it is possible to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and to have the income you desire. He has a monthly newsletter, The Bauman Letter.

In his new career, Ted Bauman has published articles in international journals written a book called, Endless Income, Co-wrote a book called, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) with his father, and he writes free newsletters daily.

Ted Bauman spent a lot of his life helping others secure their west, but he now lives in Atlanta Georgia with his family and friends and writes.

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