Tammy Mazzocco Gets Results for Herself and Her Real Estate Clients

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate professional who specializes in residential sales in Central Ohio. She is an agent for RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio, located just Southeast of Columbus, Ohio.

She has been in real estate as a salesperson since 1999, where she previously worked as a secretary for various real estate companies. She started her sales career in 1999 thinking that sales would offer a better financial option for her future. That was a very correct decision as today, Tammy is one of the leading realtors in the area.

Tammy gives lots of credit to her early associations with her co-workers and managers. It is one thing to learn the knowledge from real estate school, but it is the ability to work with people that brings in the sales. Tammy has mastered the people part of the equation largely through her early mentoring and experience.

Tammy stresses the fact that she always tries to put herself in place of her clients because they are in somewhat of a vulnerable position. First, they are out of their comfort zone both geographically and financially. Tammy puts them at ease by letting them know that she is knowledgeable about the area and she also can answer all of their questions about financing, neighborhoods, schools, shopping, entertainment, and anything else that they are concerned about.

Tammy works hard at getting the office work out of the way or taken care of by someone else so she can spend most of her time out in the field showing houses. People do not buy houses unless they can see them and walk through them. The time spent with clients in this process is prime time as a good relationship is formed where the clients trust her and want to do business with her. Tammy knows this and prides herself with the ability to help her clients in this way.

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