Talkspace Tackles Mental Health With Michael Phelps

Talkspace a startup company based in New York City that’s focused on offering professional therapy at an affordable price for people anywhere. Talkspace is text-based, so you don’t even meet your therapist face-to-face. It was founded by Oren and Roni Frank. The aim for Talkspace is to offer therapy to those that need it but do not have health insurance or the money to afford a typically expensive licensed therapist. There is no commute necessary. Also, having the ability to talk personally without being physically near your therapist may benefit some people. Having the privacy they need might help them open up more. The only thing you need for a Talkspace therapy session is your phone! Even some famous celebrities have jumped on board with Talkspace. Recently, Olympian Michael Phelps spoke on Talkspace’s efforts to spread mental health awareness. Check out this article of talkspace at

Michael Phelps has publicly dealt with mental health issues. He even has opened up about his battle with depression and suicide. Phelps considers his mental health work to be more important than any of his 23 Olympic Gold Medals. Michael has battled his own demons for years. He had a DUI arrest at the age of 19. This came at the pinnacle of his swimming success. Even with all the success he’s had in the swimming pool, he still faces a greater foe each and every day.

Michael Phelps stated the hardest period of his life was during 2014. He was attempting a comeback from retirement but then was arrested again for a DUI. He realized after entering a rehab center just how damaging his lifestyle was becoming.

He hopes that Talkspace can help others with problems like he’s had. Phelps has stated that mental health has never been more important. Especially as suicide rates have jumped up in the United States. He’s taken the motivation he had at the Olympics to the world of mental health.

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