Talkspace Mobile Application Review from a Satisfied User

This is an account of a Talkspace user who narrates her experience with the Talkspace, a text therapy application. This is based on interaction with one of the Talkspace therapists. It talks about how the user engaged with the therapist, the questions she was asked the personality tests and the actionable strategies that were recommended to her. The user comments that she was pleased by the doctor’s response and in a span of two months the user felt that she had received great assistance. The therapist helped the user to recover from a period of depression.

From this experience, there are pros and cons of using Talkspace. One major advantage is anonymity which they offer in totality. However, they have recently incorporated emergency contact information which is still an added advantage to the services they offer. Talkspace offers a platform where one can send information in an array of media formats, one can send photos, audio, video in the chat space which is a really good idea. The therapist, in this case, sent videos to explain to the user how to do affirmations. You can also access the chats easily from your mobile phone or personal computer. See more about Talkspace at

Talkspace app is also a package of convenience. It is accessible at any given time and at any given place. You therefore don’t have to worry about scheduling sessions. There are actually no time limits, one can talk as much or as less as they wish to for the same monthly charges. The freedom it has with time gives one time to think through their responses while writing them which most of the time is not the case in talk therapy.

One can actually request a therapist easily if you feel that you and your therapist are not connecting mutually. You are free to request another therapist through the application. Talkspace recognizes the fact that it can be difficult to find someone who is good for you. Talkspace, however, lacks nonverbal cues which are effective in communication. Talkspace can also be slow; a response meant to come in five minutes can at times take a whole day. Despite the few challenges, it remains to be a great innovation in the health sector.