Sussex Healthcare Facility For The Elderly And Adult Care

The organization was established in the year 1985 which operates in England on the southern cost region. It specializes in providing the elderly and adults with specialized care. The company was founded by Shiraz Boghani and his partner Shafik Sachedina. The partnership of Shiraz experience in hotel management and Shafik medical practice as the dental specialist has brought about the success of the adult care system. Today the company has over 20 branch offices under the said organization management that includes a cutting-edge exercise center and childcare facility.

Sussex Healthcare services include;

Elderly care
Their residential homes provide shelter, food, social and personal responsibility to the elderly. They also provide medical services and therapeutically plan. They also have highly trained chef that prepare nutritional meals to the old with specified diets.

Professional Adult care
Adults of different ages that have the physical disorder and learning challenges are given particular attention to enabling them to get the help needed, to be able to relate well to other individuals.

Palliative care
This includes individuals who are incredibly ill. The facility has the best specialists who are well trained to cope up with the situation. They offer exceptional care and compassion to ensure the client gets the best care the facility has to offer.

Dementia Care
Sussex Healthcare workers have specialized training to deal with dementia patients. They assist in educating on strategies that help the patients cope with their memory loss and embrace who they are.

Neurological care
This type of care is for the individual with neurological or brain damage cases.
Sussex Healthcare is the most prominent private organization and nursing care with more than 580 residential housing for the elderly care. Sussex consists of the devoted staff of sympathetic and proficient caregivers. The organization helps its representatives with proceeding with instruction endeavors by supporting nursing apprenticeships, administration courses, and another topical preparing.

Sussex Healthcare division performs various medicinal services and nursing that are identified within its center of service. These include;

SHC Audiology
That which gives testing and treatment to an age-related hearing problem.

TreehouseDental practices
Black horse way and the causeway are among the largest dental provider. They have been giving dental care to all ages for more than thirty years. They provide a vast number of cosmetic dental and clinical treatments.

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