Successive Career of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is also known as Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur born in 1973. He is the owner and founder of leading e-commerce industry in China, Jingdong Mall. Richard Liu is married to Zhang Zetian and a father of two. He holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Renmin University and also EMBA from China Europe International School of Business. During his education life, Richard Liu spent most of his free time sharpening his computer skills through freelance coding work.

During a recent interview held in Durban, Richard Liu shares his journey in establishing which he started from scratch in the year 1992. The name representing his successive company came from joining his first girlfriends` name and his second name. Coming from a humble family who depended on the transport business to support his studies motivated Richard Liu to establish his own company to gain the resources to help his family.

He faced many challenges while operating his 12 stores; therefore he was forced to come up with other useful means to market his computer spares. It was back in 2004 when his manager presented the idea of marketing through online means. Richard Liu with the help of his team implemented that idea and created an e-commerce company. Having about 500 logistic centers delivery is made easier and quickly more so in Beijing it takes an average of 6 hours to receive goods. In other places outside China like in Washington DC, delivery is done in between 15 days. The most popular products Jingdong Mall markets include consumer goods, fashion, and foods.

The company goal is to expand its services around the world by taking several steps. First is to bring the best quality products from around the world to China, secondly to South East Asia and later to Europe and America. Richard Liu`s typical day begins at around 8:30 AM when he is set for work first he attends senior managers’ meeting and later internal and external managers meeting follows where they chat through emails.

His main achievement is family. During his free time, Richard loves to swim and traveling to the desert.