Stream Energy Creates its Own Charitable Wing

Stream Energy has always had the philosophy that it needed to give back to its community. As a seller of energy around the Dallas area, it is using its success to help with a variety of causes. Stream Energy saw the devastation surrounding Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and it set up Stream Cares as its philanthropic wing. Stream Energy had always been involved with charity, but it now has an official section of the company devoted to nothing but charity.


Through its affiliates that it sells energy to, Stream Energy has a link to many communities around Dallas. It often collaborates with those affiliates to find areas in which it can help. In the past it has worked with international organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. It has now partnered with another Dallas-based charity, Hope Supply Co.


Both organizations are focused on the growing problem of homelessness around Dallas. It is an issue that has become progressively worse over the last few years. One element of homelessness that gets less attention than it should is the effect it has on children. Stream Cares has recently been involved with a day out for children affected by homelessness. With Hope Supply Co, Stream Cares took a group to a local water park. It was a chance for the kids to have a day out away from their problems.


Stream Energy gives generously, but it was the employees at the company who also gave their time for the trip. They enjoyed seeing people in their communities and be able to give back. It was just one of a recent list of events that the company has organized. It had a lunch for veterans and an event for the daughters of veterans.


Stream Energy is hoping to be an example to other Texas companies, as although nationally American business is very charitable, Texas is one of the lowest states in giving money to charitable causes.