Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields has been the head of municipal finance industry for over 20 years. On the Municipal finance industry association, Stratford Shields worked as vice chairman, treasurer, and chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association Municipal Division. Stratford was the Lead banker in the privatization and municipal categories. These categories included transactions of landmarks for institutions like Ohio State University. The Bond Buyer in the area of unusual financing awarded Ohio State University as “Deal of the Year” for the 483 million 50 year adjustment of its parking system. During his municipal finance career, He worked as the leading investment banker for his clients for more than 30 billion dollars in transactions. This includes cities, hospital systems, states, universities, Toll roads, airports, water, and sewer structure, student loan agencies, state revolving funds, and others. To help his clients achieve the best financing results he aided them with credit strategies and structural transactions. For 5 years he served as the Head a Public Finance at Morgan Stanley, a big Wall Street firm and one other huge Wall Street firm. With Stratford Shields as the Head of Public Finance, he was able to improve the firm’s lead managed progression from number 10 to number four.

At Loop Capital Markets he is currently the Managing Director. He is responsible for two big clients in the Midwest and Northeast while managing the Public Finance Investment Banking Group. Before he became a public finance banker he served in politics and government. The position he held last was Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget and President of the State Controlling Board. Stratford Shields Has his BA in history from the Ohio State University , MBA from Columbia and University and an MA in political science. He brings ideas to his clients about the actions that they can take and the good things and bad things that are associated with each idea.