Steve Lesnard Offers Insights on Influencer Marketing

One of the most powerful forms of selling is “influencer marketing.” That’s when a company enlists the media power of a popular celebrity to endorse its brand. 

But world-renowned branding expert Steve Lesnard said this form of promotion has some pitfalls users must be aware of. One is not making an excellent match between product and celebrity based on a genuine and authentic connection.

Steve Lesnard, now CMO at North Face said one must make sure a celebrity spokesperson is not plugging your brand one day and then promoting a competitor’s brand on another day. That can be counterproductive, to say the least, Steve Lesnard said.

Lesnard also warns that expecting your celebrity influencer to “do it all” is a mistake. Rather, he said your pitch person should be the key to sparking a grassroots marketing campaign. You want them to help leverage the power of social media. The key is to engender groups of “super users” among the customer base who can provide deep exposure for a brand over a long period.