Sharon Prince Is Hoping To Change The World Through Art

During her time with grace Farms, Chair and President Sharon Prince has had the opportunity to work with many different inspirational people who share the vision of her the public space that serves the people of New England. Recently, Sharon Prince proudly announced that the artist Carrie Mae Weems would be joining organization to work with different projects. The artist is known for how she is able to work with the space that she occupies to spread a message about society in hopes to create change and inspiration. Over the years, she has become a well-known artist throughout the United States.

While some of the themes in the work of Carrie Mae Weems are decidedly dark, they all still have a message of hope for the future of humanity. Sharron Prince knows that the world has a long way to go and appreciates the efforts that artists like her make towards creating a better future for humanity. Carrie Mae Weems has worked with many different types of artists and professionals in the past to fill her visions and Sharon Prince Grace Farms is looking forward to seeing what she will bring to the table with her work at Grace Farms. Change is needed and possible with the right dedication.

Sharon Prince attended college at the University of Tulsa and established the Grave Farms Foundation back in 2009. She wanted to be able to do her part in order to enhance the lives of people in and around her community of New England. At Grace Farms, a wide variety of different organizations and people have been able to enjoy their facilities and services in a setting that combines art, nature, and technology. While the foundation was founded in 2009, Grace Farms itself was opened in 2009 with a vision of peace and grace by Sharon Prince.

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