Sharon Prince and what Grace Farms has to offer

An article from the speaker and author Doug Sandler gives information on the founder of Grace Farms in Sharon Prince Grace Farms and what it has to offer to the public. The article describes that Prince believes in the value of the team and that people are what can make the difference to being successful.

It describes that Grace Farms comprises of about 80 acres in Connecticut with a team built on offering art, faith, justice, and more to the public. Grace Farms was built to bring attention to some modern day issues such as killing animals and destroying their habitats, human trafficking, and other problems.

Grace Farms is surrounded by thoughtful leaders who want to bring light to these issues and spark conversation. In due time, they are hopeful that solutions can arise from all of this. Sharon Prince believes that they have already made a positive impact with Grace Farms by bringing these issues to light.

For example, she states that hotel workers have been better protected under a different policy than ever before. The article suggests that Grace Farms, and Sharon Prince can inspire others to become leaders.

Sharon Prince is known as the chair and founder of public space Grace Farms. It was created in 2009 to offer the beauty of nature, inclusion, art, and a sense of community to people. Grace Farms has won awards for its architecture and social good to the people.

Prince is also a supporter of eliminating some important modern day issues such as human trafficking, child exploitation, and violence against women. Prior to creating Grace Farms, she was the president of a clothing company named 66 North and is a graduate of the University of Tulsa with both a bachelors and masters.

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