Shafik Sachedina Is An All Around Great Person

Shafik Sachedina is considered a great a successful man by multiple communities. The most intriguing position Shafik Sachedina holds is the Director of Operations at the Institute of Ismaili Studies for His Highness Aga Khan.

In addition to Shafik’s prestigious position at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, he is also CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is located in England, and it is the largest facility in England that offers help to all people suffering from physical illnesses. Additionally, Shafik Sachedina made it possible for Sussex Healthcare to accept all types of insurance, so everyone with a physical illness in England has a chance to get help.

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Shafik Sachedina earned his highest degrees from the medical and dental schools associated with the University of London, and he also holds a degree in business administration, too. After finishing college, Shafik wanted to open a medical business. However, his plans changed when over a dozen medical businesses begged him to be their CEO. Today, Shafik holds over 15 different positions in a number of medical businesses throughout London. Shafik also visits and talks to patients themselves who are living at these medical facilities to make sure they are receiving the care they deserve.

When he is not working, Shafik Sachedina enjoys spending time with his family. They go on several vacations throughout the year, especially during the summer. Moreover, Shafik also donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities and fundraisers throughout the year. He also volunteers at various non-profit organizations on a monthly basis, and these organizations exist to help people who are suffering from disabilities.

Shafik Sachedina has won over a dozen awards for the way he took medical businesses that were in financial trouble and transformed them to become some of the best businesses that have ever existed in England.

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