Ryan Seacrest- No crest on his wave of success

Who hasn’t heard the name Ryan Seacrest? He is single handedly one of the biggest television and radio personalities on the circuit. Many people have commented on his social media posts asking how he came to be in such a position. Ryan was noted by his parents as hosting a show in his home. While attending high school in Atlanta, GA he won a internship at a radio station known as WSTR and was trained, commonly filling in for the night DJ. When he graduated, he went on the University of Georgia and perused a Journalism Degree (Twitter).

From there on, he started his journalistic career, he always knew where he was headed at. Some of Seacrest’s first hosting gigs were for ESPN and kids shows. After doing a range of smaller known commercials and reality TV gigs, he accepted the co-host position for American Idol. The next year, he did it all on his own. This role is really what got him noticed around the world. In addition to hosting American Idol, Ryan’s been seen and heard on New Year’s Eve converge, Red Carpet play by plays, America’s top 40, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest on the radio. It doesn’t stop there.

In May of 2017 Seacrest was announced that he would be joining Kelly Ripa on the now known Live with Kelly and Ryan. Not only is he the co-hot, he is the executive producer. In addition to being a radio and TV personality, Ryan also launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010. This foundation has several hospitals around America. This foundation is a non profit pointed at pediatric patients who want to explore the entertainment world.

It encourages and fosters a creative spark and helps bring positive energy to the the centers where it resides. Thought that was it? The successful businessman had more ideas in mind:  Ryan Seacrest founded a contemporary men’s clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Partnered with Macy’s, men can find classic apparel with sharp and clean looks. Paired with a great clothing line is also a skincare line appropriately named “Polished for Men”.

These products include ant-aging cream, shave cream and balm, cleansers and more. Available on Amazon and other retailers as well. There’s no doubt Ryan Seacrest is an accomplished man. He’s definitely made a name for himself in TV, Radio, Apparel, Philanthropy and well- there doesn’t seem to be a crest on his wave of success.

Available news on Seacrest´s successful career at https://www.eonline.com/news/ryan_seacrest