Ronald Fowlkes Has Translated His Military and Police Experience Into Success As A Businessman And A Mentor:

St. Louis, Missouri’s Ronald Fowlkes is currently the Business Development Manager for renowned tactical gear firm First Spear Tactical. He developed many of the skills that he has translated into his current role through a long and distinguished career in the United States Marine Corps. He also had a distinguished career in the field of law enforcement. The military career of Ronald Fowlkes began when he joined the Marines in 1989. His desire to become a Marine was tied to his desire to be the best. Among the numerous skills that Ronald Fowlkes gained in the Marines that has helped him in his business ventures was the obvious knowledge of tactical equipment, but beyond that, he learned true attention to detail. This skill has served him as well in his current role as his knowledge of military applications of tactical equipment. He often brings up the massive similarities that he finds in his daily routine of running the sales department at First Spear.


Ronald went on to serve in the Gulf War, twice being promoted on merit. After his military days were done he went on to serve 13 years in the law enforcement field in the St. Louis area before moving into the entrepreneurial sphere.


These days, Ronald Fowlkes applies his lessons learned from the military and police force not only to his work life but also to the work he does as a sports mentor. He serves as an equipment technician for his son’s hockey club but also mentors the members of the team and handles their off the ice physical fitness and training program. It is a great way for Ronald Fowlkes to give back to the community, his family and also to indulge in his hockey passions at the same time.