Robert Ivy contribution and success in the arts industry

There were over 92000 trade and professional organization in the United States during 2010 as indicated by the American Society of Association. The trade organization usually fascinates firms as associates while professional institutions employ distinct staffs. Educational platforms are among the advantages of being in a specialized community. In addition, there are other benefits such as opportunities to link and the enhance integrity by getting on leadership duties.

Associations conceit themselves on data and equipment which they make accessible. Their websites are regularly of great importance since they contain details which are wanted by the associates. A variety of the institutions hire workers who perform unique research. Professional members are recognized for holding large yearly sessions that gather numerous staff. The associate utilizes this opportunity to connect with their peers and makes them feel closer to the community. Having informal interactions at the events assists individuals to learn about safe bids and work introductions.

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has appointed the management position in 2011. In terms of educational background, he pursued a bachelors in the art from Sewanee and a Masters in architecture from Tulane University. During 1996, Robert Ivy was handed the position to become the head of the editing of Architectural Record. He was able to assist the firm to develop and become the most read architectural newsletter on the globe. While under his management, the company got several industry awards, comprising the premier magazine journalism award. Furthermore, it was able to receive 26 Jesse H. Neal awards, among many other awards. Visit

After a period of time, Robert Ivy was nominated to take charge and serve as the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction media. He later moved to Dean where he managed as the main leader for 15 years. The institution is an opponent for a variety of national publications since its offer high-quality content. During 2009, Robert Ivy‘s effort was noticed and he was handed the Crain Award, which is the American Business Media’s top acknowledgment of a person. Moreover, he got the McGraw Hill award for management excellence in 1998.

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