Richard Liu Qiangdong – Not Shy to Try New Technology in His Company Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder, chairman, and CEO of one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, The company has stakeholders and investors, such as Walmart, Tencent, and Alphabet, which showcases the growth projection of the company from other major companies’ perspective. Richard Liu Qiangdong has helped the company to follow the sustainable growth trajectory under his leadership, and he is aggressive in his approach and not shy about it as well. Richard Liu Qiangdong says that every business sector has become very competitive, and unless you have that determination and force inside you to move ahead and beat others, it would be very difficult to stay motivated. However, he also emphasized on the fact that the business management and owners mustn’t get too aggressive as to forego the ethical means of business practices.

Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to look for new ways in which he can improve the company’s profits and turnover. One of the ways he implemented recently included adding new categories of products for sales, which included household and grocery products. Now, the Chinese customers can order groceries from their home itself by using the app of There are tons of choices presented by the company, and there are more than fifty countries it imports grocery and household products from for Chinese customers. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that the buying potential of the Chinese consumers has increased considerably and that providing them with the choices they seek would be beneficial. Richard Liu Qiangdong is listed by Forbes, one of the leading global financial publication powerhouses based in the United States, to be amongst the wealthiest Chinese in the world with a net worth estimated to be over $12 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong understands that in order to be continuously profitable, it has to keep making changes and use new innovative technology. One of the top technologies they have recently used is the use of drones to deliver products to areas that are not easily reachable. It has helped the company increase its market share and move ahead of its competition by a big margin.

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